Photos: Red-tailed hawk moves for change of venue, swaps courthouse weathervane for tree branch

The Monroe County courthouse red-tailed hawk beat, which The B Square has been covering since Earth Day this year, has been quiet for a few weeks.

Before Saturday (May 28) the last sighting of the hawk had been on May 9. On that day the bird  took up is customary post on top of the courthouse weathervane, then flew off in its nonchalant spectacular way.

But on Saturday morning, The B Square was able to document what appears to be nest-build activity by the hawk, in a tree on the courthouse grounds.

Below are separate sets of photos, from Saturday and three weeks ago.

(Clicking on any one photo gives a full-size version in a slideshow format that can also be used to view all the photos in the set—without clicking on each photo.)

Photos: Red-tailed hawk at Monroe County courthouse (May 28, 2022)


Photos: Red-tailed hawk at Monroe County courthouse (May 9, 2022)