Photos: Claim confirmed, bald eagle at Griffy Lake

Last Tuesday, after Bloomington’s board of park commissioners meeting, operations director Tim Street told The B Square that a pair of bald eagles live out at Griffy Lake.

There’s a old reporter’s motto: “If your mother says she loves you, check it out.”

So on Saturday, The B Square checked it out.

Street was not kidding.

In the early afternoon, from the north end of the causeway, perched in a tree about 250 yards away, across the water on the south shore of the lake, a bald eagle was barely visible.

It flew off west along the south shore, then circled back, looped around low towards the middle of the lake, snatched a fish out of the water with its talons, and flew back to its perch, where it snacked on the fish.

The set of photos below, all taken on Saturday,  is presented in chronological order. It starts with a red-tailed hawk in downtown Bloomington, a great blue heron at Griffy Lake, the bald eagle, a turtle who made friends with a Canada goose, and a great blue heron at Miller-Showers Park.

Photos: Hawk, heron, eagle, turtle, heron in Bloomington (May 28, 2022)

4 thoughts on “Photos: Claim confirmed, bald eagle at Griffy Lake

  1. 10 or 15 years ago, I asked a Bloomington Parks employee if there was anything that could be done to encourage bald eagles to nest at Griffy Lake. That person predicted that eagles would settle at Griffy on their own, eventually.

  2. I am almost 76 and have never seen a live bald eagle. Maybe now that there is a pair at Griffy I may be able to. Your photos were wonderful!

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