Alea iacta est: Nov. 8, 2022 election results, served when ready

Sunset over the election operations building at 3rd and Walnut streets in Bloomington, Indiana (Nov. 8, 2022).

Election Day polls for Nov. 8, 2022 have now closed in Monroe County.

The cutoff time was 6 p.m., which made for a 12-hour voting day. But anyone in line by 6 p.m. has to be allowed to cast a ballot.

Statewide results will be available on the Indiana secretary of state’s website.

Results from Monroe County precincts will be published as updates to this article as they are available.

In her last update of the evening Monroe County clerk Nicole Browne cautioned not to expect results immediately after polls close.

Browne’s email said, “I want to strongly caution you against expecting early returns.” Browne continued, “We thank you for your patience as we work to get you totals in the most expeditious time frame possible. A delay in regular reporting simply means the Election Board is hard at work for you.”

Voters who joined the line just before the closing of the polls are one reason instant results can’t be reported.

Geography also plays a role. There’s some physical distance that has to be covered, when teams from Election Day polling locations across the county pack up their ballots, the memory devices from the ballot scanners, and other election documentation, and turn in the whole package to Election Central.

Election Central is in downtown Bloomington, located at 7th and Madison streets in the old Johnson’s Hardware building.

The B Square will add to this article with time-stamped updates from that location until the final unofficial results are in, or otherwise indicated here.

18:25 p.m Initial Results

Here’s a link to the initial results from early voting in Monroe County:

18:52 p.m. Pointers to pages in the document

The MCCSC referendum results are on the first page of that document.

Here’s a link that targets the page with the school board results:

Based on the early voting, it looks like the referendum will pass easily. Early voting patterns can be different than for Election Day. Early voting for the District 3 MCCSC race has Ashley Pirani at 45 percent, Daniel O’Neill at 38 percent and Jon Hays at 17 percent.

18:59 p.m. Physical ballots turned in

The only ballots turned in from Election Day polling so far are from the Tri-North Middle School voting location. Just one precinct voted there—Bloomington 2.

19:05 p.m. Physical ballots turned in

The poll workers from Fairview Elementary School have arrived to turn in their ballots. Three precincts voted there: Bloomington 1, Bloomington 6, Bloomington 20. They might have wrapped up sooner—it’s just around the corner from here—except that there was someone who voted just before 6 p.m. 

19:16 p.m. More initial results

Here’s a link to the .pdf with the most recent results so far:

It includes just a few Election Day votes.

19:22 p.m. Physical ballots turned in

The poll workers from Indian Creek Lions Club have arrived. Some other locations as well. I count eight blue ballot bags.

19:26 p.m. More partial results

The latest partial results:

19:55 p.m. More partial results

The latest partial results:

20:22 p.m. Waiting for ballots from just two more locations.

All Election Day ballots have been turned in except for two locations—Stinesville Lions Club and Grandview Elementary.

20:25 p.m. Waiting for ballots from just one more voting location. 

All Election Day ballots have been turned in except for one location—Grandview Elementary.

20:27 p.m. More partial results

The latest partial results:

20:35 p.m. All ballots have now been turned in

Poll workers from every voting location have turned in their ballots. The final unofficial results should be available pretty soon.

21:19 p.m. Final unofficial results

Here’s the final unofficial results. This is the final transmission:

OCR of  unofficial final results:

[Added Nov. 9, 2022 at 2:12 p.m. UPDATE: On the morning of Nov. 9, 2022, the Monroe County clerk’s office issued revised unofficial final vote tallies that added about 6,600 early in-person ballots to the totals:]

Monroe County Recorder

Candidate Votes
Paul White, Sr. (R) 12,686 (38.61%)
Amy Swain (D) 20,171 (61.39%)

Monroe County Sheriff

Candidate Votes
Nathan Williamson (R) 13,364 (40.35%)
Ruben Marté (D) 19,757 (59.65%)

Monroe County Circuit Court Judge

Candidate Votes
Carl Lamb (R) 12,712 (38.40%)
Emily Salzmann (D) 20,388 (61.60%)

Monroe County Commissioner District 1

Candidate Votes
Perry Robinson (R) 13,801 (42.06%)
Lee Jones (D) 19,012 (57.94%)

Monroe County Councilor District 1

Candidate Votes
Jim Allen (R) 2,891 (41.73%)
Peter Iversen (D) 4,037 (58.27%)

MCCSC School Board District 1

Candidate Votes
Tabetha Crouch 6,073 (31.47%)
Byron Turner 3,565 (18.47%)
Erin Wyatt 9,660 (50.06%)

MCCSC School Board District 3

Candidate Votes
Daniel O’Neill 6,675 (33.25%)
Ashley Pirani 9,181 (45.73%)
Jon Hays 4,222 (21.03%)

MCCSC Referendum

Candidate Votes
YES 17,541 (66.71%)
NO 8,752 (33.29%)


[Note: The Latin in the headline means something like “the die is cast.” Julius Caesar is supposed to have said it when he led his army across the Rubicon river in Northern Italy. The idea is that the things that just happened can’t be undone. It was a tradition of local Ann Arbor attorney David Cahill to post the phrase to local online outlets exactly when polls closed in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It’s a good tradition, one which The B Square transplants to Bloomington without apology.]