Photos: Fancy birds at Miller-Showers Park

Here’s one point that has been made in opposition to the planned, but now paused, Bloomington gateway project at Miller-Showers Park: The park is home to lots of wildlife that might be disturbed by the project.

What sorts of animals hang out there? A B Square visit to Miller-Showers Park on Sunday morning documented four bird species that could be considered above-average: a red-shouldered hawk; a great blue heron; a downy woodpecker; and a blue jay.

The park’s wildlife inventory is not limited to just those birds. For example, muskrats are known to patrol the stormwater detention basins. Redhead ducks sometimes stopover in the winter. But on Sunday morning it was just the birds in these photos.

The complete set of photos is below. For a zoomed-in look at a photo, click or tap it, and from there you can swipe or arrow through the rest as a slideshow.

Photos: Miller-Showers Park (Nov. 5, 2023)

2 thoughts on “Photos: Fancy birds at Miller-Showers Park

  1. Blue jays? Above average?

    I suppose I did hear a tale about a British birder who longed to see a blue jay when he crossed the pond, but jays wear out their welcome at a backyard feeder and scare off more interesting species.

    And one woke me up on a Saturday morning years ago.

    Above average annoyance, but to be expected from a member of the crow family, I suppose.

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