New city seal gets stamp of approval from Bloomington’s city council

Three months after the topic was previewed for the Bloomington city council’s administration committee, the council voted on Wednesday to adopt a new city seal, based on the ubiquitous city logo.

The city logo, which was designed by former city councilmember Tim Mayer, was adopted by a resolution of the city council in 1986. The logo was inspired by quilt patterns, according to the adopting resolution. The square in the center of the design signifies Bloomington’s downtown square and community interaction, according to the resolution.

The ordinance establishing the new city seal makes it “unlawful for any person to make or use the City seal and graphical City seal of the City of Bloomington deceptively, fraudulently, or without express written permission from the City Clerk of the City of Bloomington, or the City Clerk’s designee.”

A first violation of the ordinance on use of the city seal is subject to a fine of $100. Continue reading “New city seal gets stamp of approval from Bloomington’s city council”