Photos: From a hawk’s nest, Happy Mother’s Day!

At least one fledgling is visible in the red-tailed hawk’s nest in the Sycamore Tree above Bryan Hall on Indiana University’s campus. These photos were taken on Sunday, May 14, 2023.

The nest is visible from the sidewalk on the west side of Indiana Avenue  in front of BuffaLouie’s and Starbucks.

The coincidence with Mother’s Day seemed like a sign from the universe that the photos should be shared with a wider audience. There are a few more photos below.

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Christmas Photos: Not a partridge, not a pear tree

On a Christmas Day visit to Lake Monroe and some Bloomington area parks, The B Square did not observe a single partridge in a pear tree. Some other lesser birds were nonetheless spotted. More photos below. Continue reading “Christmas Photos: Not a partridge, not a pear tree”

Thanksgiving week Bloomington turkeys—in disguise

A full week of Thanksgiving break at Indiana University means the campus and all of downtown Bloomington has been a lot quieter the last few days. One benefit: more wildlife. Continue reading “Thanksgiving week Bloomington turkeys—in disguise”

Photos: Red-tailed hawk at Switchyard Park

Arrows point to places in the photographs where the red-tailed hawk perched. It would then lift off, swoop around, then return to alight on one of those three places: (1) lamp post (2) main stage (3) tree branch. The image is from Monroe County’s online property lookup system.

On Friday, a B Square visit to Bloomington’s Switchyard Park to investigate possible evidence of beavers did not confirm that any of the busy, broad-tailed rodents had taken up residence there. But a red-tailed hawk was hunting from a series of alternating perches—on the main stage, a nearby lamp post and a tree near the bridge that leads to Walnut Street. Continue reading “Photos: Red-tailed hawk at Switchyard Park”

Photos | Bloomington resident wildlife update from move-in week: red-tailed hawk, great egret

If they weren’t already in town, Indiana University students arrived this week in Bloomington to start the fall term next Monday.

On Thursday morning, if any them looked skyward in the downtown area, they might have seen a red-tailed hawk perched on top of the Monroe County courthouse. It flew off eastward a couple of blocks and landed on the steeple of the First Presbyterian Church at 6th and Lincoln streets. From there it made a short jump to a tree on the Monroe County Public Library side of the intersection, then crossed 6th Street and landed in a tree next to the big pink house on the north side of the street. It flew off eastward in the direction of campus.

On Thursday evening, any of the students who moved in to the big complexes on North Walnut Street, could have spotted a great egret fishing the waters of the southernmost detention pond of Miller-Showers Park. The big white bird waded the southwest corner for a while, working its way towards the sculpture—a piece by Dale Enochs called “Axis.” It then flew to the east side of the pond where it found some more fish to snack on.

More photos below. (Click on any image for a bigger version.)

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Photos: Hawk checks in at Hyatt Place

On Earth Day this year, The B Square spotted a red-tailed hawk perched on top of the Monroe County courthouse.

In the last three months, several more  downtown hawk sightings have been made.

These shots are from the Monday morning (Aug. 8, 2022). It was perched on the courthouse weathervane, but flew off to the east, then looped back around to the southwest side of the square and landed on top of the Hyatt Place hotel building. It sat there for a couple minutes, surveying downtown Bloomington, before heading off north towards the Johnson’s Creamery smokestack. It did not land on top of the smokestack. Continue reading “Photos: Hawk checks in at Hyatt Place”

Advice for students: Bloomington is for the birds

As a local government reporter, it is not hard to justify writing about the fancy birds that hang out in Bloomington’s public parks.

The birds at public parks are a part of my regular beat, because public parks are run by local government.

Local government officials can look to the redhead ducks at Miller-Showers or great blue herons at Griffy Lake  as an example to follow: As long as I have been watching, Bloomington’s pretty birds have never violated Indiana’s Open Door Law.

But the public parks are not the only outdoor places in Bloomington. There’s plenty of remarkable birds in other parts of town. Continue reading “Advice for students: Bloomington is for the birds”

Photos: Red-tailed hawk moves for change of venue, swaps courthouse weathervane for tree branch

The Monroe County courthouse red-tailed hawk beat, which The B Square has been covering since Earth Day this year, has been quiet for a few weeks.

Before Saturday (May 28) the last sighting of the hawk had been on May 9. On that day the bird  took up is customary post on top of the courthouse weathervane, then flew off in its nonchalant spectacular way.

But on Saturday morning, The B Square was able to document what appears to be nest-build activity by the hawk, in a tree on the courthouse grounds.

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