City Council preview Aug. 14, 2019: One travel lane for Dunn Street mulled, based on traffic study

After postponing the question at its Aug. 7 meeting, Bloomington’s city council will take up the issue on Wednesday (Aug. 14) of adding parking to Dunn Street, between 6th and 10th Streets. The proposal is to reduce the two-lane, one-way street to a single travel lane.

Cropped 08.13.2019 dunn street - 1
Dunn Street at 10th looking south. Aug. 12, 2019 (Dave Askins/Beacon)

The Dunn Street parking proposal is part of some legislation that also revises a neighborhood permit parking zone boundary for residents who live on 17th Street. What’s proposed is to add the south side of 17th Street to the newly established neighborhood parking permit Zone 6, in the Garden Hill neighborhood, west of the Indiana University football stadium.

The legislation revising the parking ordinance is a second reading, so action by the council would be the final vote.

The council’s Wednesday agenda also features a first-reading item—an appropriation ordinance to supplement Bloomington Transit’s 2019 budget. The local public transit agency recently received federal grant awards that will allow it to purchase $1,128,000 worth of new buses—one battery-electric bus for fixed route service and two buses for para-transit service. The grants cover $902,401 of the cost.

Next week on Tuesday, the council will hear Bloomington Transit’s 2020 budget proposal, as part of a four-day Monday-through-Thursday series of presentations from all city departments about their proposed budgets for the next year.

In 2020, Bloomington Transit will be budgeting for an additional four battery-electric buses at a cost of $1 million apiece—contingent on winning the kind of grants that are funding 80 percent of the cost of the electric bus in Wednesday’s appropriation ordinance.

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City Council Preview Aug. 7, 2019: Parking commission, street parking

Separate parking issues on Dunn Street and 17th Street together make up one of the two items on Wednesday’s city council agenda. The second agenda item is also related to parking—the eligibility requirements for service on the parking commission are proposed to be loosened.

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Neighborhood zone parking regs could be up for more tweaks before Aug. 15

Green signs with white lettering along 6th Street, east of Washington in downtown Bloomington, alert motorists to the meter-enforcement hours: Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Cropped Metered Parking IMG_6563
A sign along 6th Street, east of  Washington, looking east. (Dave Askins/Beacon)

A close look at any of the signs reveals the “8” to be a small patch—it was pasted over a “9” to blend in with the rest of the sign. The one-hour-earlier enforcement time took effect on Jan. 1 this year.

The change to meter enforcement times was one of several revisions to the city’s parking ordinance enacted by Bloomington’s city council at its Sept. 19 meeting last year, on a unanimous vote.

A more obvious, white patch covers the lower third of the signs along 6th Street. It covers up what was previously an exemption for holders of residential neighborhood zone permits—they did not have to pay the meter. As the red lettering on the patch warns, meter enforcement at those locations will apply to everyone, effective Aug. 15, 2019. Continue reading “Neighborhood zone parking regs could be up for more tweaks before Aug. 15”