Bloomington city council jammed up on issue of traffic commissioner’s ouster, still no vote taken

An expected up-down vote on the question of Greg Alexander’s removal from Bloomington’s traffic commission did not take place at Wednesday night’s city council meeting.

The motion for Alexander’s removal—because of Tweets he posted late last year—had been postponed from the council’s March 29 meeting. That postponement had unanimous support from the council, in order to give Alexander at least five business days to respond in writing to the specific reasons listed out in the motion.

On Wednesday, councilmember Dave Rollo wound up withdrawing his motion to remove Alexander.

Since Jan. 18, when the council reappointed Alexander to the traffic commission, Rollo has now made three different motions on Alexander’s removal—and withdrawn each one. Continue reading “Bloomington city council jammed up on issue of traffic commissioner’s ouster, still no vote taken”

Set for April 12: Possible city council vote on removal of Bloomington traffic commissioner because of social media posts

A possible vote on the removal of Greg Alexander from Bloomington’s traffic commission is now set for the city council’s April 12 meeting.

At Wednesday’s council meeting, Dave Rollo made a motion for Alexander’s removal, because of three posts on that Alexander made in November 2022.

The Tweets cited in Rollo’s motion read as follows:

“with all due respect, taking things away from elm heights *IS* exactly how the rest of the city gets help.”

“i would really like to know. it sounds like they are going to savagely penetrate your neighborhood and I want to know what they’re going to use to do that?”

“haters gonna hate and bloomington democrats gonna lick the shit out from between elm heights’ neighbors ass cheeks”

The Tweets came in the context of a council vote late last year to install a stop sign at Maxwell Lane and Sheridan Drive.

As a traffic commissioner, Alexander had opposed installation of the sign. The traffic commission as a group had recommended against the stop sign’s installation. Alexander sees the city council’s decision, which was contrary to the commission’s recommendation, as showing undue deference to the Elm Heights neighborhood.

The traffic commission is an advisory board that, among other things, recommends to the city council and other city officials ways to improve traffic conditions and the enforcement of traffic regulations.

On Wednesday, the council postponed Rollo’s motion until April 12, in order to allow at least five business days for Alexander to respond in writing.

Postponement passed unanimously, but the motion itself drew complaint from councilmember Steve Volan, who asked: “How many times are we going to do this? I mean, Mr. Rollo has redone his motion twice now.” Continue reading “Set for April 12: Possible city council vote on removal of Bloomington traffic commissioner because of social media posts”

Second snow of 2019 gets more complaints than first

Bloomington has seen two snowfalls that delivered significant accumulations so far in 2019. A storm that moved through central Indiana from Jan. 11–12 dumped about 4 inches. The second snow started in the early evening of Saturday, Jan. 17 and left Bloomington swaddled in a 5-inch frigid blanket.

The first snow didn’t generate much activity in the city’s uReport system, which gives residents a way to log complaints about any topic, not just snow on sidewalks and streets. Continue reading “Second snow of 2019 gets more complaints than first”

Hey, Wait a Minute | Is Bloomington in southern Indiana?

Note: “Hey Wait a Minute” is an occasional B Square Beacon series that highlights meeting minutes and other documentation of local government group meetings in the Bloomington, Indiana area. Sometimes, arriving at the connection to meeting minutes takes a long walk around the block.

The online world is a mostly a peaceful place where people share facts and thank each other for the useful information. But yesterday someone was wrong on the internet. So a mild fracas broke out.

Here’s the kerfuffle-inducing question: Is Bloomington considered southern Indiana? (Yes.) Continue reading “Hey, Wait a Minute | Is Bloomington in southern Indiana?”