Local jokes land in the second week of Bloomington Comedy Festival

The Comedy Attic’s packed house on Wednesday night missed the first round of the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate debates held the same evening. But they were treated to even funnier routines by 10 competitors in this summer’s Bloomington Comedy Festival.

Cropped Ballot Week 2 Comedy Festival IMG_6564

The audience voted six of the 10 to the next round, which starts July 17.

Emily Davis, Spencer Whipple, Brian Carroll, Greg Winston, Kaitlyn Blansett, and Kristen Lucas will join six others who advanced last week, plus a dozen more who’ll be chosen over the next two Wednesdays. The sets did not include much political material, but at least some of the jokes echoed the comedic parallel to the old adage, “All politics is local.”

Emily Davis, who led off the night, said her dad was body positive, but “Indiana body positive.” That meant he told her, “God gave you hips to play basketball.”

Kristen Lucas wrapped up the night’s competition with a bit that included a reference to The Bluebird, where a quick exit can apparently be slowed by having to say namaste to everyone on the way out.

Another Lucas joke that got big laughs also played on Bloomington culture. When she and some friends were sharing intimate confessions, one revealed, “I don’t compost anymore…but when I have people over, I pretend I do.”

For Bloomington Comedy Festival shows, the Comedy Attic encourages people to purchase tickets in advance, because by the day of the event, they’re generally sold out.

Here’s some photos of Wednesday’s performers (click on one to make it a slideshow):