No shortage of candidates in third week of Bloomington Comedy Festival

At noon on Wednesday, the expiration of candidate deadlines set the ballots for city elections in Bloomington—where a diminished number of candidates means no elections in most parts of the city this fall.

Cropped ballot Week 3 Comedy IMG_6789Eight hour later, the weekly balloting that is taking place this summer through the end of August at the Comedy Attic continued with no shortage of candidates.

Chosen by a vote of the people on Wednesday, and advancing to the next round, which starts July 17, are: Shanda Sung, Glenda Deford, Grant Volkmar, Riley Dismore,  Kay Daniel and Mark Bookwalter.

They’ll join the dozen performers who advanced in Week 1 and Week 2 of the competition and another six who will be chosen next week.

On Wednesday, a ballot printing issue from the previous week had been resolved, which meant that voters did not need to scratch out names and write in others.

Several other differences are apparent between the Bloomington Comedy Festival voting procedures and standard municipal elections for mayor and city council seats. Among the departures from the norm: Artwork rendered on the backs of ballots is curated by emcee Brad Wilhelm, and presented to the audience just before the results are announced.

Here’s a gallery of Week 3 performers: