Bloomington parks and recreation staffer second city employee to test positive for COVID-19

In a press release issued Friday morning, the city of Bloomington has announced that a second city employee has tested positive for COVID-19. The confirmed positive case  announced on Friday was for a parks and recreation department employee.

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Playground equipment and workout stations are closed in Bloomington. Trails are still open. This is a view south where the B-Line Trail runs next to Switchyard Park.

According to the press release, the parks and recreation worker was placed on leave Monday, March 30, and tested for COVID-19, because they were showing symptoms consistent with the virus. The positive result of the test was returned yesterday (Thursday, April 2), according to the release.

According to the press release, the city is now tracing the parks and recreation employee’s contacts and following Centers for Disease Control guidelines

This is the second positive COVID-19 test for a city of Bloomington employee. The first, for a firefighter, was reported last Saturday.

According to Friday’s press release, the firefighter received medical clearance on Friday and is expected to return to duty on Saturday (April 4).

[Updated at 10:06 on Friday, April 3 after initial publication an hour earlier, to include the statistics below.]

Barchart COVID-19 cases Indiana April 3

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Indiana has about doubled in four days, from 1,786 on March 30 to 3,437 on April 3. The number of tests that have been done did not appear to have a stable value in the dashboard presentation. (The dashboard appears to have changed to a different platform starting today.)

The number of deaths has doubled in four days from 49 on March 31 to 101 on April 3.

The Indiana State Department of Health COVID-19 dashboard now includes breakouts of tests by county. Monroe County’s 40 positive tests were the result of 274 reported tests. Negative tests are not required to be reported, so the total number of tests that have been done could be greater.

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