Approaching $600K: Monroe County’s federal grant relief awards to local businesses, nonprofits

At its regular Wednesday meeting, Monroe County’s three-member board of commissioners approved four more federal COVID-19 pandemic relief grants to area businesses or nonprofits. That ratcheted the total amount awarded towards $600,000.

This is a partial list of businesses, nonprofits and taxing units that have received reimbursement pandemic relief grants through Monroe County government, sorted by grant amounts. A complete table is include below.

The money that Monroe County has been distributing to businesses and government entities comes from a total $4.7 million CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) Act allocation to the county.

On Wednesday, Monroe County’s financial director, Brianne Gregory, gave commissioners a quick briefing on the four grants they were asked to approve that morning, which totaled $62,028.

The grants went to Cave Group, Inc., Boys and Girls Club, Bluebird Live, Inc., and Life Designs, Inc.

That brings the total amount awarded to $593,306.

Board of commissioners president Julie Thomas said the application deadline for the grants has been extended to April 30. The county has set up a web page with a form for applicants to fill out.

At Wednesday’s meeting, Thomas sketched out the basic criteria for award of the funds: They are to reimburse non-payroll pandemic-related expenses that haven’t been covered by some other program.

Commissioner Penny Githens highlighted the grant to the Boys and Girls Club, which was approved for $25,042. Githens said, “I’m really pleased that we’re able to help the Boys and Girls Club. When COVID first hit and all kinds of childcare opportunities closed down, the Boys and Girls Club stepped up to the plate and worked really, really hard to have safe, affordable childcare available.”

Githens added, “[The Boys and Girls Club] really did a lot to keep things moving in our local economy.”

The county’s federal relief program started with the county government acting as a clearinghouse of sorts, by passing through to the state the claims submitted by local businesses and governmental units—like the library and townships—for non-payroll expenses related to COVID-19.

The state eventually asked the county to submit the county’s own expenses for public safety, which were enough to get reimbursement to the county for the whole $4.7 million.

With the money now sitting in the county’s general fund, it’s now up to the county government to reimburse local businesses and governmental units.

Table of grants awarded through Feb. 17, 2021

Business Name SUM of Amount
MCPL (Monroe County Public Library) $84,364
Crumble $30,000
LifeDesigns $25,112
Boys and Girls Clubs INC. $25,042
Michael’s Uptown Café $22,751
WonderLab $20,000
Upland Brewing Company $20,000
Switchyard Holdings $20,000
Beacon, Inc $20,000
Dimension Mill Inc $19,957
Function Brewing $19,806
YMCA $19,784
Janko’s Little Zagreb $18,493
C3 Bar $18,415
Convention Center Mgmt Co $18,292
One World Catering, LLC $17,274
HealthNet, Inc $16,644
Nick’s English Hut $16,601
Cave Group, INC $15,232
Curry Auto Center $8,632
The Farm Restaurant $7,926
Acacia Building Corporation $7,725
Bluebird Live Inc $7,242
Campus Tutoring, LLC $7,192
The Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce $7,049
Lennie’s $6,671
The Bluebird $6,395
Alibi LLC $5,602
Far $5,150
High and Fine $5,016
Cinema Pub Inc $4,828
Richland Township $4,356
The Convention and Visitor’s Bureau of Monroe County $4,352
Carmichael Center LP $3,905
The Cocuun $3,881
Loren Wood Builders $3,724
Disque $3,617
BUGS $3,364
Trendin Vendin $3,250
Cajun House $3,156
Bloomington Real Estate $2,983
Litwin Enterprises $2,700
Benton Township $2,460
BCT Management $2,275
Royale Hair Parlor $2,248
Monroe County Humane Association $1,830
VTG Enterprises $1,669
Landlocked Enterprises $1,545
Little Zagreb $1,500
Bunger & Robertson $1,487
Fine Craft $1,289
ProNails $1,213
Gather $937
Patient PT LLC $821
Move and Bloom $679
Pizza X $678
Ally Barber $675
Deborah Zera $660
Oak Native $650
Gallagher Properties, INC $650
MC Humane Society $568
Santo Family Insurance $548
Four Walls LLC $520
Cup & Kettle $514
Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping $425
Bloomington Salt Cave $323
Hoosier Films Inc. $224
Hive $220
Yoga Mala $215
Grand Total $593,306

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