Griffy Lake wildlife interview: Kingfisher weighs in on belts versus suspenders

On Saturday’s visit to Griffy Lake, a public park on the north side of Bloomington, The B Square observed a belted kingfisher as it flitted low over a log where three turtles were sitting, lined up nose to tail.

Belted kingfisher and turtles, Griffy Lake (July 2, 2022)

Later, the bird consented to an interview on condition that it not be identified except by its Latin name, Megaceryle alcyon, or Megabird for short.

Responding to a B Square question, Megabird said that belted kingfishers do not take the extra precaution of wearing suspenders, because the straps would slide right off their slender shoulders.

Megabird continued, “The belt is also part of our brand identity—it’s why they call us belted kingfishers and not suspendered kingfishers.” He added, “The belt also helps avoid confusion between us and the stupid blue jays.”

Wrapping up his remarks, Megabird said, “You know, the bald eagles, the great blue herons, and the green herons around here get all the good press, with their self-aggrandizing swooping around and whatnot. I wish you journalists would take the time to photograph more of the regular rank-and-file wildlife out here at Griffy Lake—your turtles, your deer, your raccoons, your little wood ducklings, or what have you.”

Photographs of animals suggested by Megabird are included below.

Griffy Lake wildlife (July 3, 2022)

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  1. No need for deer photos. They’re in my backyard just north of Bryan Park daily.

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