Caught in the artistic act: Two installations in downtown Bloomington on Saturday, a third to come

Early Saturday afternoon, on a quick trip  to Brilliant Coffee Company for a cup of gelato, The B Square chanced on Joel Shields, who was adding some color to a parking sign post at 6th and Morton.

Shields lives in Venice Beach, California, but is Bloomington born and raised. He serves as a kind of unofficial artist in residence when he visits his hometown.

Saturday’s parking sign post was his second installation of the day. A block away, he installed a yarn panel at Kirkwood Avenue and Morton Street. Later on Saturday, he will be installing a third piece of art in the same general area, Shields told The B Square.

In case readers want to go on a Joel Shields art hunting expedition, he did give a hint: The next installation will probably be in an alley.

Photos: July 23, 2022 Bloomington, Indiana (6th and Morton Streets)