Hear ye, hear ye: Early voting starts in Monroe County, Indiana

3rd and Walnut in downtown Bloomington (Oct. 12, 2022)

At 8 a.m. sharp on Wednesday, Monroe County clerk Nicole Browne opened the door at the new election operations center at 3rd and Walnut streets in downtown Bloomington and proclaimed: “Hear ye, hear ye, the polls are now open!”

That’s how in-person early voting started in Monroe County, Indiana.

About a half dozen people were standing in line waiting for the polls to open. Signs for several of the local candidates for office had been placed to be visible to motorists on Walnut and 3rd streets.

The building’s newly installed canopy sheltered people standing in line from a light mist. The temperature was around 60 F degrees.

An orange painted line arced across the parking lot, to mark the 50-foot boundary from the entrance. No campaigning can take place within 50 feet of a polling place.

The daily early voting hours start at 8 a.m. and end at 6 p.m each weekday through Oct. 28. The complete set of hours leading to Election Day on Nov. 8, is available on Monroe County’s election website.

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  1. Waiting out in the rain to vote out an unqualified office holder is especially sweet. (discovered that at Marlin School one year) But I guess you don’t HAVE to stand under this new awning.

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