Canopy of Lights 2022: Thank you, Mae!

The traditional day-after-Thanksgiving lighting of the Monroe County courthouse square canopy in downtown Bloomington took place on Friday evening, just as it has since 1984.

But for this year’s countdown from 10, the throng was led in an extra step of rehearsal by emcee Jim Inman, Jr.

The crowd was given one added line to recite, just after “… 3–2–1” and before the lights were flipped on: “Thank you, Mae!”

Mae Cassady was the founder and owner of Cassady Electrical Contractors, which does the work every year to prep the lighting stands, which connect the roof of the courthouse to adjoining buildings around the square, to form the canopy.

She died a week ago at the age of 82. From her obituary: “The Canopy of Lights surrounding the Monroe County courthouse was a special delight for Mae each year. In 1984, the electricians of Cassady Electric, under her guidance, hung the first lights that would immediately become an annual tradition for the entire community.”

Here’s how the crowd’s thank you to Mae Cassady sounded:

Photos: Canopy of Lights, Nov. 25, 2022