Photos, Poems: Not two turtle doves

On Monday morning, a red-tailed hawk perched on the steeple of the First Presbyterian Church at 6th and Lincoln streets in downtown Bloomington. After a while, it was joined by a second hawk. Not long after that, the second hawk flew off.

A lament about a hawk’s flyoff

Now that you’re here, why don’t you stay?
Cuz for a hawk that’s seeking pray

There is no better place to perch
Than the steeple of a church

Why a hawk flew away (with apologies to REO Speedwagon)

You got me stealin’ your dove away, ’cause you never give it
Peelin’ the years away, and we can’t relive it

Do I make you laugh? Well, you make me cry
I believe it’s time for me to fly

Hawk haiku

Hooked beak perches high
Head swivels, scans sacred ground
Lifts off, rides north wind

Photos: Dec. 19, 2022 First Presbyterian, 6th & Lincoln, Bloomington, Indiana

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