March 2023 food inspection reports for Monroe County released by health department

Caption: The image links to a dynamic map. (The color coding scheme goes like this: Green=Zero violations; Yellow=At least 1 non-critical violation but no critical violations; Red=At least 1 critical violation.)

Monroe County’s health department has released the reports for inspections of food service operations that were conducted in March.

Just under half of the 88 places that were inspected in March had no violations.

Recording at least one non-critical violation, but no critical violations were 17 establishments. Recording at least one critical violation were 28 establishments.

Summaries of the inspections completed in March are now available on a list which is published on the health department’s website.

Here’s a raw list of the 43 establishments that had zero violations: 4th Str International Market/ Dat’s; Ace Sushi #209 @ Fresh Thyme; Aldi’s; Alley Bar; Batchelor Middle School; Big Lots #247; Bloomington Bagel Company Mall; Bloomington Foodmart; Bloomington Graduation School; Bloomington Regional Rehabilitation; Butler Winery #2; Café Bali; Chicken Salad Chick; Chipotle Mexican Grill #563; Chubbies Burritos; Clear Creek Christian School; Clear Creek Elementary School; Community Kitchen of Monroe County; Covenant Christian School; Crossmark at Sam’s Club; Crumble Cookies; Crumble Coffee and Bakery; Eurest Dining Services/ Compass Group; Hopscotch Coffee – Downtown; Little Italy Market; McDonald’s #2020; Needmore Coffee Roasters; Osteria Rago; Pizza X – College Mall Rd; Pizza X – South; Red Bud Hills; Rolling Chicken; Sam’s Club #6437; Square Donuts – East; Square Donuts Express; Starbucks Coffee #8691 East; Summit Elementary School; Sushi Box # 30414; Taco Bell #28901; The Caffeinated Cook; Two Sticks Bakery; Village Pantry #5384; Youth Services Bureau.

The B Square has compiled the December 2022, January 2023, February 2023 and March 2023 food service inspections into a single Google Sheet, and plotted out the locations for each establishment on a color-coded map.

The critical and non-critical violation numbers for each restaurant and descriptions are included in each row of the Google Sheet, as well as each location plotted on the map. (Click on a dot, and the information associated with that location will appear in the left sidebar of the map.)

The most recent month of inspections is what’s currently displayed on the map. To make visible the layers from previous months, toggle them on in the left sidebar.

Here’s the boilerplate wording for the difference between a critical and a non-critical violation from the Monroe County Health Department’s website:

Critical violations are defined as those that are likely to directly contribute to a foodborne disease. The most common and most dangerous critical violations are various degrees of temperature abuse. Potentially hazardous foods must be kept at or above 135º F or at or below 41º F. Failure to do so, or failure to cook food to the proper temperature or cool cooked food quickly (within 6 hours) to below 41ºF, is the leading cause of foodborne illness.

Non-critical violations are those that have contributing factors, but are generally not the primary cause of an outbreak.

Color Coded Map
(The color coding scheme goes like this: Green=Zero violations; Yellow=At least 1 non-critical violation but no critical violations; Red=At least 1 critical violation.) The dots on the map are grouped by month as separate layers. Different layers can be toggled on and off separately.

4 thoughts on “March 2023 food inspection reports for Monroe County released by health department

  1. Thanks for the spreadsheet! I would like to expand the column that explains the violations. Currently all I see is
    “Observed roden” and “Observed chemi”
    Easy to extrapolate the missing letters but it would be nice to see the whole line.
    Thanks for being our local watchdog.

    1. Hi Dr. Owens! I will take a look at sorting out how to improve that display. The text is all there in the sheet, but not all of it is visible. Once I get back to my laptop I should be able to assess better.

    2. Hi Dr. Owens,

      For now, here’s what I would suggest. Highlight the cell you want to read in full and it will display the full contents at the top of the sheet. Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like.

  2. This is amazing! Thanks so much. I no longer live in Bloomington but I’m excited this showed up in my Google news feed. I was surprised because when I lived there over 5 years ago I didn’t think Bloomington had inspections. I have an odd question. Why are there so few businesses on the list? Where I grew up and returned to live in Indy every single establishment serving or caring for mammals (basically) for example serving food or providing medical care (jails, schools, hotels, vet clinics, licensed day care, homeless shelters, food bank, concession stands, etc) are inspected. If they are in violation repeatedly they can be shut down or fined.

    I won’t blather on about it but I honestly didn’t think Btown had any form of health inspection at all. Is this new? Because some of the businesses and medical facilities were absolutely disgusting.

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