Photos | 2023 Little 500 Fall Racing Series: Cyclocross

The Little 500 bicycle race takes place in the spring on the track at Bill Armstrong stadium on Indiana University’s Bloomington campus.

But there’s a fall series of events for racers that includes an individual time trial, street sprints and cyclocross.

This year’s edition of the cyclocross event took place on Saturday morning. Riders pedaled standard issue Little 500 machines up, down and around a cyclocross course laid out on the tailgate grounds south of the Indiana Memorial football stadium.

It’s a two-person team relay, where riders make several exchanges between loops. It was a slightly different course this year. The loop went counterclockwise instead of clockwise, and the exchange zone was marked off along a stretch well up the loop from the start-finish line.

Skies were overcast with a temperature of about 50 F and a 10-mph wind out of the north. Some light rain and fog overnight meant the course, which was blanketed with the reds and oranges of fall leaves, was plenty slick.

At the start of the women’s race, more than one rider took a hard tumble on the opening downhill stretch.

Photos of the women’s race are included below. Click or tap on any image to get access to full resolution versions of all photos, then swipe or arrow through the gallery.

The photos are ordered in chronological sequence with the final half dozen shots showing  Teter Tots (Jess DiBella and Allison Edgar) crossing the finishing line at the line of hay bales.

Photos: Oct. 28, 2023 Fall Series Little 500 Women’s Cyclocross