Monday’s budget presentations: Ethernet for ITS, salary increase for city council

Monday night kicks off a four-day week of budget presentations in front of Bloomington’s city council. After Mayor John Hamilton’s address scheduled for 6 p.m., the council will hear from Human Resources, City Clerk, Legal, Information and Technology Services, City Council, Controller, and the Office of the Mayor.

R Out Salary Data Bloomington

A couple of highlights include: $350,000 for the replacement of wired Ethernet network; and a proposed 13.5-percent increase for city councilmember salaries, from $16,127 to $18,307.

The proposed 2020 budget of $98.6 million is 36 percent bigger than the last budget approved for Hamilton’s predecessor, in 2016. Of the four basic categories in the budget—personnel, supplies, other services, and capital outlays—the biggest difference between the proposed 2020 budget and the one adopted in 2016 is in capital outlays. The $8.6 million for 2020 is almost three and a half times the $2.5 million in 2016.

For most departments presenting on Monday night, capital outlays are not a big factor. For ITS, however, the 2020 proposal reflects one of the larger capital outlays in the budget: $350,000 for the replacement of wired ethernet network hardware and wireless Wi-Fi network hardware. It’s the same amount budgeted for a Kirkwood Avenue street project.  (The Planning and Transportation Department presents its proposal on Thursday. Jump to a table with 2020 capital outlays, sorted by cost.)

Three departments worth of elected officials will be presenting on Monday—city clerk, mayor, and city council. Such departments are not typically associated with intensive capital outlays. But because the city council directly oversees a fund for sidewalk and traffic calming projects, there’s $324,000 worth of capital outlays in the city council’s 2020 budget associated with that fund.

The city council’s 2020 budget proposal is different from that of the other two elected officials in another way. Instead of the basic 2 percent increase in compensation for non-union employees that underlies the overall budget, the request from the city council is for a 13.5-percent increase. 

According to the memo accompanying the request, a salary study of compensation in comparable organizations for 2017 concluded that Bloomington’s city councilmembers were paid $1,822 below the average. Councilmembers are paid $16,127 in 2019.

The proposal for 2020 is that councilmembers be paid $18,307. The difference between the proposed increase and a 2-percent increase works out to a total for all nine councilmembers of about $16,500.

The last time city councilmembers received an increase in compensation that was not an incremental increase was between 1999 and 2000, when the compensation was increased from $7,620 to $10,500, which was 38 percent.

The council’s vote to adopt the budget is scheduled for  Oct. 10 after getting a first reading on Sept. 25.

Below are three charts with the salary history of city elected officials and a table of proposed capital outlays for the 2020 budget, sorted by cost.

R Out Salary Data Bloomington Clerk


R Out Salary Data Bloomington Mayor


R Out Salary Data Bloomington

Capital outlays in proposed 2020 budget, sorted by amount

FUND Department Transaction Amount
PS LIT Fire Department 75-100 Ft Aerial Ladder (T2) $1,150,000
CCD Planning/Transportation Sare Road Intersection and Multiuse Path $672,308
PS LIT Fire Department Engine/Pumper (E1) $560,000
PS LIT Police Department Vehicles – Patrol & Administration $505,000
Vehicle Replacement Various Vehicle & Equipment Replacements $500,500
Telecom ITS Ethernet Network Update $350,000
Local Roads & Street Street Kirkwood Project $350,000
General Fund Public Works Admin Capital and land acquisition costs $337,500
Alternative Transportation Council City Council Sidewalk $324,000
Alternative Transportation Planning/Transportation Greenways $319,000
General Fund Planning/Transportation Street, Intersection & Sidewalk projects $312,000
General Fund Facilities City Hall HVAC cooling tower $250,000
Motor Vehicle Highway Street Downtown Alley Project $150,000
Motor Vehicle Highway Street Bush Hog w/22ft Boom $137,000
CCD Street Pavement Marking Contract $135,000
Parking Meter Parking Repair Kirkwood Intersections $126,000
General Fund Animal Incinerator Replacement $125,000
PS LIT Fire Department Extrication Tools $120,000
Motor Vehicle Highway Street Signal Boom Truck $120,000
Telecom ITS Capital Replacement – Laptops/Scanners/Printers $115,000
PS LIT Fire Department Station 1 Repairs (urgent) $100,000
PS LIT Fire Department Station 2 Repairs (urgent) $100,000
General Fund Facilities City Hall exterior masonry repairs $100,000
PS LIT Fire Department Fire Fighting Gear $90,000
Fleet Maintenance Fleet Shop Service truck $84,000
Parks General Parks Backhoe $79,000
PS LIT Police Department Training Simulator $75,000
PS LIT Police Department Body Worn Cameras $70,000
PS LIT Police Department Radios $60,000
Motor Vehicle Highway Street Pickup 3/4 ton with plow $59,502
PS LIT Fire Department Full Sized SUV (P1) $55,000
PS LIT Police Department Enhanced Technology (License Plate Reader & Other) $50,000
PS LIT Police Department Alternative Transportation (Electric, ATV, Motorcycle) $50,000
General Fund Hand Trucks for inspectors $50,000
General Fund ITS Helpdesk, Software Mgmt, Inventory $45,000
Vehicle Replacement Parks Wide Truck Dingo $45,000
Fleet Maintenance Fleet Shop Truck PM Service truck $45,000
PS LIT Fire Department Sedan (Pool) $35,000
Motor Vehicle Highway Street Asphalt Roller 3 ton $35,000
Fleet Maintenance Fleet Tire Machine $34,000
Telecom ITS Council Chambers & Meeting Room Equipment $30,000
Vehicle Replacement Parks Golf Turf Sprayer $30,000
Parks General Parks SUV for Ops Director $28,000
Parks General Parks SUV for Urban Forester $28,000
PS LIT Police Department Large Evidence Storage/Training/Range Complex $25,000
Fleet Maintenance Fleet Heavy Duty Truck Tire Machine $25,000
Fleet Maintenance Fleet Tire Balancer $22,000
General Fund Animal Adoption Center improvements: flooring, lobby $20,000
General Fund Animal Parking improvements, handicap access $20,000
Fleet Maintenance Fleet XY123 Freon Machine $20,000
Parks General Parks Tow-behind Air Compressor $18,000
Telecom ITS Stand Alone Servers $16,000
PS LIT Police Department K9 (Dog and Equipment minus vehicle) $15,000
Vehicle Replacement Parks Turf Roller $14,000
PS LIT Police Department Patrol Body Armor $13,000
Vehicle Replacement Parks Hurricane Bio Vac $13,000
PS LIT Police Department Air Purifying Respirators / Gas Masks $12,500
PS LIT Police Department Critical Incident Response Team Body Armor $12,000
Telecom ITS Server Room improvements $10,000
Parking Facilities Parking T2 Online Permits $30k $10,000
Alternative Transportation Parking T2 Online Permits $30k $10,000
Parking Meter Parking T2 Online Permits $30k $10,000
Fleet Maintenance Fleet Start All $10,000
Telecom ITS ITS Plotter Replacement $6,500
PS LIT Police Department Less Lethal Rounds (Ex: Bean Bags/Sponge) $6,000
PS LIT Police Department Automatic External Defibulators $5,000
Fleet Maintenance Fleet Air Bumper Jack $4,500
General Fund ITS UAVs $4,000
PS LIT Police Department Rifles $2,500
Parking Meter Parking Computer Capital Replacement $1,230

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  1. Note that a significant source of revenue, the Public Safety Local Income Tax, was not adopted in Monroe County until 2016. This money is used for capital expenditures for Police and Fire, as well as to fund Central 911 Dispatch.

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