Photos: Plenty of free barking in Bloomington

One of the most frequent complaints about Bloomington that I hear from folks is that there’s not enough barking.

“I look up to you.”

There’s just no place to bark, they say. And when you do find a place to bark, there’s a barking meter with jammed coin slots, so it accepts only credit cards or pay-by-app.

I have checked out this complaint, using all of my watchdog journalistic powers. After an initial investigation, I don’t think the complaints about a lack of barking in Bloomington have much merit.

There is plenty of free barking space up on the north side of town.

Here’s photographic evidence from the city’s Ferguson Dog Park on Sunday.

Photos: May 30, 2021

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2 thoughts on “Photos: Plenty of free barking in Bloomington

    1. Hi Betty! None of them is mine. We live dog-less in a small apartment. So our visits to the local dog parks are just to look at other people’s dogs. I do aspire to someday have a dog before I die. I will name him Shep, no matter what kind he is. That’s a whole nother story, though.

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