Photos: July 4 Sunday bunnies

On July 4, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and a rabbit walk into a bar. The barkeep says, “Wait a minute, I think one of you is a typo.”

Downtown Bloomington, Indiana, July 2, 2021: The Rabbits of 6th Street.

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3 thoughts on “Photos: July 4 Sunday bunnies

  1. As is too often the case, but people says this about mine too, I did not get the joke. Please explain or i won’t sleep tonight –Chris

    1. Walk-into-a-bar jokes often include a religious figure like a priest or a rabbi. This joke turns on the idea that the rabbit is there as a typo for “rabbi.”

      1. OK, remind me not to send an entry into the NPR Sunday puzzler. I would rather confine my embarrassment to a local audience! It was a good joke, though! –Chris

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