Photos: “There is syrup at the bottom of this hill !!!”

This weekend The B Square continued its relentless coverage of the maple syrup beat with a visit to Thomas Westgård’s sugar camp southeast of town.

On Saturday, a day with clear skies that saw the temperature hit 75 F degrees, Westgård hosted a maple syrup workshop.

Here’s what you’ll notice in this set of photos: There are no pails hanging from spouts hammered into trees. Westgård has engineered a tubing system that aggregates the sap from all the trees into a 264-gallon container—at a rate of about 15 gallons an hour. The only pail involved is used to transfer sap from the container to the evaporator. To inquire about buying maple syrup, try this email address: twestgard [at]

More photos below.

Photos: Westgård Sugar Camp March 5, 2022

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