Photos: Little 500 qualifications 2022

Qualification runs for the 2022 Little 500 bicycle race were held on Saturday.

The temperature was around 38 F degrees with 16 mph winds out of the west and northwest, gusting to 28 mph. Those conditions meant the top times for the 4-lap trial were a lot slower than the all-time records.

[More photos and results below.]

For the men, the record qualification run was made by the 1990 Phi Gamma Delta team team in 2:14.37. For the women, the record is 2:33.308, set by the 2017 Delta Gamma squad.

According to the IU Student Foundation Twitter account, here’s how the top five times for the men and women break down:

Women’s Top 5 for Quals

  1. Kappa Alpha Theta 2:55.12
  2. Alpha Chi Omega 2:56.84
  3. Theta Phi Alpha 2:57.89
  4. SKI 2:59.77
  5. Kappa Kappa Gamma 3:01.40

Men’s Top 5 for Quals

  1. Phi Kappa Psi 2:30.94
  2. Black Key Bulls 2:32.05
  3. CUTTERS 2:33.71
  4. Gray Goat 2:34.53
  5. Sigma Phi Epsilon 2:34.69

For a qualification run, the first rider gets a one-lap flying start, and the clock starts as they cross the start-finish line after the first lap. At the end of each lap after that, a different rider takes over, either on the same bicycle as the incoming rider, or on a separate bicycle. That makes for a total of three exchanges. The rider exchange has to be completed inside a zone defined by a 16-foot buffer before and after the start-finish line.

The 34th running of the Women’s Little 500 takes place on April 22. The 71st running of the Men’s Little 500 takes place on April 23.

Photos: Little 500 qualification runs (March 26, 2022)

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