2022 Candidates for Monroe County commissioner

The board of county commissioners in Indiana counties has three members. They represent three different geographic districts of the county only in a limited sense.

A commissioner representing any one of the geographic districts has to live in the district. But county commissioners are elected by all voters countywide.

This year, the District 1 seat is open. The area for District 1 covers the western third of Monroe County.  The incumbent for the seat is Lee Jones. She is running for re-election and will compete in the May 3, 2022 Democratic Party primary with Dominic Thompson for their party’s nomination.

The only Republican running for county commissioner District 1 is Perry Robinson. He’ll face either Jones or Thompson in the Nov. 8, 2022 general election.

Under state law the three-member board of commissioners serves as the executive and legislative branch of the county. The board has to meet at least once a month.

2022 Candidates for Monroe County Commissioner

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